Digital Daily Maths Revision Grades 3 to 5 (Book 3)



Digital Daily Maths Revision Grades 3 to 5 (Book 3)

Digital Maths Revision Book 3

Let’s continue the daily dose of direct study support with this digital Maths revision book number 3. Following on from books 1 and 2, this GCSE exam-focussed revision resource has been designed by subject specialists and covers weeks 11-15 of the learning. It follows the same format as the previous books – five questions a day on the same five topics every day for a week – and includes all answers for your post-practice pleasure.

The weekly topics are as listed here:

Week 11 (Calculator)

  1. Error intervals
  2. Averages from a grouped table
  3. Enlargement
  4. Expanding and simplifying single brackets
  5. Drawing straight line graphs

Week 12 (Calculator)

  1. Standard form calculations
  2. Geometric sequences
  3. Constructions
  4. Trigonometry (finding the angle)
  5. Angles in polygons

Week 13 (Non-calculator)

  1. Multiplying decimals
  2. Conversion graphs
  3. Venn diagram notation
  4. Percentage change
  5. Inverse proportion

Week 14 (Calculator)

  1. Surface area of a prism
  2. Equation of a straight line given the gradient of a point
  3. Translation
  4. Sharing in a ratio
  5. Midpoint of a line segment

Week 15 (Calculator)

  1. Area of a trapezium
  2. Multiplying vectors by a scalar
  3. Solving linear equations
  4. Finding the average speed
  5. Experimental Probability.

This revision book is part of a series and joins:

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