Foundation Expanding and Factorising Digital Revision Bundle



As you begin revising and preparing for your GCSE Foundation Maths examinations, add this Expanding and Factorising Digital Revision Bundle to your schedule to maximise your confidence in the topic. It has everything you need to know for assessment, including:

  • Expanding single brackets
  • Expanding and simplifying single brackets
  • Expanding double brackets
  • Factorising into single brackets
  • Factorising quadratics
  • The difference of two squares

The pack is aimed at those of you preparing for GCSE Foundation assessment – 14-16 years of age – although it might also suit anyone wanting to reinforce learning of the topic as part of another course. Each worksheet contains worked examples (step-by-step breakdowns of the solution), exam-style questions and a series of key assessment tips. Accompanying answer sheets will also help you self-assess as you aim to perfect your answering techniques.

Practice is a key part of success in any topic of GCSE Maths, but it’s important that you find the right materials to practise with. Beyond Revision creates learning materials written by experienced professionals for students hoping to build a platform for their own professional careers. Revision bundles like this one on expanding and factorising should offer a welcome boost to exam performance and help you achieve your target grades.

If you’re studying expanding and factorising at another level, then you might appreciate this sister GCSE resource:

  • Higher Expanding and Factorising Digital Revision Bundle

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