Higher Expanding and Factorising Digital Revision Bundle



Discover everything you need to know about expanding and factorising at GCSE Higher Level with Beyond Revision and this comprehensive revision bundle.

It includes:

  • Expanding and simplifying single brackets
  • Expanding double brackets
  • Expanding triple brackets
  • Factorising quadratics (a = 1)
  • Factorising quadratics (a โ‰  1)
  • The difference of two squares
  • Completing the square

You can learn and revise in complete confidence as you soak in the solution to every worked example before trying your hand at a range of practice questions designed to help you solidify your understanding of the topic. A smattering of assessment tips is also spread throughout the worksheets, offering you some essential perspective on the framework of the exams.

The Expanding and Factorising Digital Revision Bundle has been written by experienced teachers and assessors with a deep understanding of the marking criteria. They want to put you in the best possible position to succeed in your exams, hence the high-quality insight you’ll receive in this superb revision pack.

For those of you taking the GCSE Foundation Level Maths assessment, skip on over to this resource instead:

  • Foundation Expanding and Factorising Digital Revision Bundle

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