Love and Relationships Vocabulary Printable Flashcards



Love and Relationships Vocabulary Flashcards

Love and Relationships Vocabulary Flashcards

Rove around your rucksack for those ruffled revision resources no longer. Here you can clasp upon a set of superb study materials in the form of Love and Relationships Vocabulary Flashcards!

The cards are perfect for aiding you in your endeavours towards exam excellence. They’ll enhance your understanding of the poetry by helping you comprehend every stanza and nuance behind the author’s intent, thus making it feel less daunting and more interesting (imagine that!).

So, there’s no need to continue feeling vexed by language you don’t fully know the meaning of when you latch onto these Love and Relationships Vocabulary Flashcards. The exams are beckoning and Beyond Revision can help you make sure you’re more than ready to excel.

Here are some examples to get you going:

  • sprigged – the mantelpiece was sprigged to give it a seasonal feel
  • irresolute – the irresolute shopper was testing the patience of the clerk
  • betwixt – the hunted leveret was caught betwixt hedge and burrow
  • leveret – the leveret dashed across the down and hopped into its burrow
  • headrig – the headrig remained unploughed to make manoeuvring smoother

You can also download the full pack of flashcards over at our partner site, Twinkl.

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