Digital Macbeth Revision Guide


This digital Macbeth revision guide is great for ensuring you’re well-equipped to tackle the English literature exam, providing detailed scene analysis, key quotations, character profiles, exam questions and more!


Beyond Macbeth Revision Guide

Macbeth revision guide

As the authors of numerous Macbeth classroom resources over several years, the teachers at Beyond have decided to pour all of their Shakespearean expertise into producing our very first GCSE English Macbeth revision guide.

The Beyond guide provides detailed scene analysis, key quotations, character profiles, exam questions and more! All of which is age-appropriate, hand-illustrated and vetted by our team of English teachers and examiners.

Macbeth plot timeline

To make it quick and easy to understand the order of events, and key moments within these events, we’ve created a clear and concise Macbeth plot timeline – breaking down each scene across all acts into key moments, complete with illustrations.

Macbeth characters

Our revision guide pdf contains illustrated character profiles for all the central Macbeth characters, allowing you to visualise the action of the play and its characters.

Macbeth context

Tackling any historical text, Shakespeare or otherwise, can prove challenging! To ensure you’re comfortable when studying Macbeth, our revision guide explores the play’s form, genre, and its social and historical background. When equipped with this information, you will be able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the text, hitting AO3.

Key themes in Macbeth

Macbeth is a play rich in themes, motifs, and symbolism. While you’ve undoubtedly covered these in your GCSE English Literature lessons, our Macbeth revision guide pdf contains a detailed analysis of the key themes in Macbeth, covering:

  • Ambition
  • Gender
  • Fate
  • The supernatural
  • Guilt
  • Kingship
  • Tyranny

Macbeth key quotes and analysis

Each theme throughout our Macbeth revision guide pdf contains a selection of corresponding Macbeth quotes to help support your analysis with textual evidence. Our selection of key Macbeth quotes is accompanied by hand-drawn illustrations and includes a paragraph of analysis to fully explain their significance and how they relate back to the play.

Macbeth exam questions and answers

The cherry on the cake, our revision guide pdf comes with sample exam questions and answers, demonstrating the skills necessary to succeed in the exams and the components of a strong answer. Including annotated exam responses, our revision guide provides a range of sample answers which help you to hone your response and improve your technique.

Much of the information available in the Revision Guide can be found in video format on the Beyond YouTube channel. Access the Macbeth playlist here.

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