Foundation Manipulating and Simplifying Digital Revision Bundle



Manipulating and Simplifying Revision Bundle (Foundation)

Manipulating and Simplifying Revision Bundle - Foundation

Provide a major boost to your algebraic revision with this bumper bundle on manipulating and simplifying. Multiple worksheets combine example solutions in addition to a range of practice questions that’ll aid you in your exam preparation. Of course, each paper comes with its own answer sheet so you’re not left in the cold when checking the accuracy of your work (or getting an early peek of the correct answer to “check you’re on the right tracks”! ๐Ÿคซ).

The pack has been written with GCSE Foundation classes/students in mind so, if you’re studying this course, you’ll be receiving tailor-made content (the pack for Higher Level students can be found here: Manipulating and Simplifying – Higher).

Amongst the topics covered, you’ll find the following:

  • Collecting Like Terms
  • Simplifying Algebra with Multiplication and Division
  • Changing the Subjects of the Formula
  • Forming Expressions
  • Index Laws

For those working at Higher Level:

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