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English Literature GCSE Revision Guide (Digital)

English Literature GCSE Revision Guide

Give yourself a taste of Beyond Revision – and a head-start on the exams – with this English Literature GCSE Revision Guide.

Here, you’ll find a little flavour of what our products offer, with just a smattering of Macbeth, An Inspector Calls and Romeo and Juliet to whet the appetite for study success! As you answer questions in your GCSE Literature exams, you won’t be allowed to have a copy of your play with you so it’s important that you revise thoroughly.

This guide walks you through the assessment objectives and what they want from you during the exam before showing exactly what this means via sample answers to GCSE-style questions. We also highlight how they meet the different objectives for good measure.

The English Literature GCSE Revision Guide also includes a diverse selection of content that will help you understand more about your assessment. This includes:

  • general exam information;
  • a ‘Who’s Who’ of An Inspector Calls;
  • Romeo and Juliet Act I and II summary points;
  • themes, context and key quotes in A Christmas Carol;
  • exam questions (with sample answers);
  • useful terms.

If you like what you’ve seen (why wouldn’t you?!) and would like a wider selection of study support, check out our GCSE Revision Guides here.

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