Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

It’s a solemn series of weeks after Halloween and Bonfire Night. The weather turns that bit greyer, the cold bites that bit harder, and for many, the reality of freedom is that bit harsher. It may seem quite far removed from the lives of KS3 and GCSE students these days but Remembrance Day still deserves its place in our calendars. If you’re planning on marking this landmark date in the coming weeks, Beyond has a secondary resource or two that does this momentous day justice.

Remembrance Day: English Resources 

World War One Poetry: In Flanders Fields

It’s a bittersweet reality that humanity finds beauty in conflict. In terms of WWI and WWII, this beauty is derived from the haunting, brutal, and disenchanting poetry that was written by soldiers on the frontline. Serving as both therapy, release, and personal expression, this poetry provides a glimpse into the reality of warfare and manages to put Remembrance Day into perspective for a modern audience.

The ideal KS3 or GCSE English lesson to mark Remembrance Day, our World War One Poetry resource explores one of the most famous war poems ever written. Perfect for brushing up on your classes’ poetic techniques, this KS3 poetry resource takes students on an insightful journey into the trenches, uncovering the context behind the symbol of Remembrance Day: the poppy. 

Design Your Own Second World War Propaganda Poster

War propaganda is persuasive writing in action. In fact, it’s hard to think of a more explicit example than World War propaganda; the slogans, the figurative language, the overt imagery. It’s textbook persuasive writing that KS3 English students can explore and analyse wholesale. Using our latest secondary English resource, you and your class can put your KS3 English writing skills to the test and create your own piece of wartime propaganda.

The Normandy Landings KS3 Comprehension

Explore one of the most gruelling and most pivotal moments in the Second World War with Beyond’s Normandy Landings KS3 English reading comprehension: the ideal resource for Remembrance Day. Differentiated to suit a range of KS3 abilities, this reading and writing resource explores the context behind Operation Overlord, charting the beachfront assault from its inception to its delivery.

A great method of reinforcing reading and writing skills while also acknowledging the time of year, Beyond’s Normandy Landings KS3 Comprehension is the perfect choice for Remembrance Day.

The Normandy Landings Differentiated Reading Comprehension: Remembrance Day 2019

Remembrance Day: Maths Resources

Mass, Density and Volume KS3 Maths Colour by Numbers 

Maths and Remembrance Day isn’t necessarily a natural fit without getting bogged down in all manner of dispiriting statistics. Unless of course, the KS3 Maths reveals a beautiful image of a poppy, like our Mass, Density and Volume KS3 Maths Colour by Numbers resource does. Calculate the values, colour in the sections, and reflect on the image: it’s the perfect KS3 Maths resource to honour Remembrance Day.

Mass, Density and Volume Colour by Numbers Pack

Whatever your thoughts on Remembrance Day, there’s no denying its significance as part of our shared world history. Using Beyond’s range of secondary resources, you can tactfully honour this landmark event throughout your lessons and pay tribute to our continuing freedom.

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow, between the crosses, row on row…”

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