Celebrate RSE Day 2022 with Beyond

Celebrate RSE Day 2022 with Beyond

RSE Day 2022

This blog looks at RSE Day, including what Relationships and Sex Education is and why it’s important, as well as some information on RSE Day 2022 and our suggestions for how to celebrate it this year. We have teamed up with RSE Day to produce some fantastic free resources for the event, which are linked for you throughout.  

What is RSE?

RSE stands for Relationships and Sex Education. From September 2020, the teaching of RSE in secondary schools became compulsory in England. Relationships education tackles many different aspects of relationships, such as romantic relationships, family dynamics, friendships, bullying and what it means to be LGBTQ+. Sex education looks at topics such as consent and sexual health, as well as many different aspects of intimate and sexual relationships. As relationships and sex are often interlinked, many RSE topics will relate to both terms, and there are also a number of other topics covered within the scope of RSE. 

Why is RSE important?

Relationships are a key component of life. By making sure students have access to good quality RSE, we are setting them up to have healthy relationships now and in the future. They should learn what is acceptable in different types of relationships, what may be harmful, and how to get support. Young people are often exposed to sex through unreliable and potentially harmful media such as pornography. It is therefore vital that they are provided with accurate and relevant information on sex and relationships, so that they don’t rely solely on other, less credible resources. RSE is also different to many other subjects in that it allows students to ask questions that may be deemed inappropriate in other settings. This can help them navigate the world around them and correct any misconceptions they may have.

What is RSE Day 2022?

RSE Day is an annual event that occurs on the last Thursday of June. The day celebrates excellent relationships and sex education that promotes the wellbeing and safety of children and young people, in schools and other settings. The event started in June 2018 in Nottingham and continues to be run by Nottingham City Council in collaboration with sponsors, however it is now celebrated nationwide. RSE Day is about celebrating the role each person plays in RSE (including schools, families and communities) and encouraging adults and young people to talk about RSE-related topics positively and openly. 

Use our What is RSE Day? PowerPoint with your students to explore the event, its history, and ideas for how to celebrate. 

What is RSE Day?

What is this year’s theme for RSE Day 2022?

The theme for RSE Day 2022 is: ‘Celebrating Differences – Everyone Can Sparkle!’

This theme has been selected to raise awareness of the differences between individuals, and celebrate these differences. The theme can be interpreted in several ways; for example, we might consider people’s differences in terms of neurodiversity, gender identity, sexual/romantic orientation or race. However we might interpret this theme, the aim is to celebrate diversity and spark a conversation around RSE. 

Beyond have produced several resources focused around this year’s theme, including our Celebrating Differences Activity Cards and Celebrating Differences Discussion Prompts, designed to allow you to explore this year’s theme with your students and open their minds to celebrating our differences. 

Celebrating Differences Activity Cards

How can I celebrate RSE Day? 

There are plenty of different ways in which people around the country might choose to celebrate RSE Day – the possibilities are endless. At Beyond, we have created a number of resources for RSE Day 2022, including our RSE Day Display Pack that you can use to decorate your classroom or learning space, our Famous Neurodivergent Individuals PowerPoint that reminds students that neurodiversity is a thing to be proud of and celebrated, and more! Check out the RSE Day category on our website for access to all of our amazing and free resources. 

RSE Day 2022 Display Pack

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