Seasonal Secondary Resources: Christmas 2019 with Beyond

Seasonal Secondary Resources: Christmas 2019 with Beyond

IT’S CHRRRRRIISSSTTTTMMMAAASSSSSSS…almost. You made it past September, you blazed through Halloween and Bonfire Night, and now nothing but a few measly weeks stand between you and the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas 2019. So you can make the most of the end of term wind-down, Beyond has piled on the presents, fully stocked the secondary sleigh, and wrapped a selection-box-full of Christmas lessons for you and your KS3 and GCSE classes to enjoy. Ho ho ho and welcome to Christmas 2019 with Beyond! Yes, this blog continues its energetic festive optimism throughout…sorry not sorry…

Christmas English Resources 🎁📚

Beyond have a veritable feast of Christmas English resources that’ll make even old Ebenezer’s mouth water. Whether you’re old skool and fancy teaching A Christmas Carol (why the Dickens not!?) or you’re after something a tad different, we have all you need to plan the perfect Christmas 2019 for your KS3 and GCSE English classes.

The Toy of the Year Christmas Lesson

What is Christmas 2019 without toys? Yes, that might well be a hideous lament to consumerism but hey, we don’t make the rules: we just create secondary resources with them. Beyond’s Toy of the Year Christmas Lesson asks GCSE English students to design Christmas 2019’s “must-have” toy and, using their persuasive writing techniques, pitch their idea to the class with an applause-laden speech. Indulging a dash of Christmas creativity, this GCSE Christmas lesson covers speech writing, speaking and listening skills, and persuasive writing. The days of Christmas being nothing more than a festive film-watching doss are well and truly over…

The Toy of the Year

Christmas Maths Resources 🎅📐

You really can apply Maths to anything and Christmas 2019 is no exception. This year, Beyond Maths have been busy wrapping up some Christmas Maths resources for you to stick under your class tree. We won’t tell Santa if you open one or two before the big day…

Christmas Maths Activities: Differentiated Lesson Pack

Keep your KS3 and KS4 Maths classes occupied for the final few weeks of term with Beyond’s Christmas Maths Activities Lesson Pack: a definitive advent calendar of secondary resources for the festive period. Including everything from Christmas Maths worksheets to solving snow-laden simultaneous equations, our resident ex-teacher elves have been busy crafting Christmas into a range of KS3 Maths topics, such as:

  • Probability
  • Open-ended problem-solving
  • Ratio
  • Geometry
  • Linear & quadratic sequences
Christmas Maths Activities: Differentiated Lesson Pack

Christmas Science Resources🎄🧬

Beyond Science have been busy this year unravelling the universal code for the perfect Christmas 2019. The results? A superb series of secondary resources that explore the science behind our festive faves. 

Biology of Christmas Trees

The Norway Spruce, the nation’s favourite species of Christmas tree, is remarkably adept at surviving in the snowiest of snowy environments and while Norway isn’t quite Lapland, it’s not that far off. Beyond Science invite your KS3 and GCSE classes to explore the origin of this hardy evergreen, using Linnaean classification and the binomial naming system. Unearth the lineage of this festive flora and discover just why it’s adapted to survive without a constant source of sunlight for photosynthesis. O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, how lovely are your carefully layered, sunlight-maximising branches…

Biology of Christmas Trees

Well, now your Christmas lesson prep has been taken care of, all that’s left for you to do is dig out a gopping Christmas jumper, prepare for endless Christmas music requests, and develop a dangerous taste for chocolate oranges…Merry Christmas from Beyond.

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