Seven Things Every Teacher Should Have in Their Desk!

School supplies are like gold-dust, and it’s openly acknowledged that most teachers substantially fund the resources they use day-to-day. But no matter how tight the purse strings get, these are seven must-haves for any teacher’s desk.

Glue stick

Glue sticks have attained mythical status in most schools. At the beginning of the budget year, they appear in plentiful supply, but as the weeks pass they become more and more sparse, until spotting one in a classroom is the equivalent of David Attenborough sighting a pygmy three-toed sloth. Always make sure you keep a stick back from general use and on no account give it out. To anyone. Ever.


You know the persistent headache which can be brought on by a double-period with Year Nine? Well, don’t let that nagging pain pursue you through the day. Have painkillers on hand.


The popularity of stickers is a source of mystery and wonder. Usually, tough kids can be reduced to grinning softies by the appearance of a “well done” sticker in their books. Ours is not to reason why. Just be thankful it works.


There’s nothing quite like that mid-afternoon crash. You start the day cooking on gas, but come two o’clock, you’re flagging. Have a high-energy snack to hand to help you through those last hours of the day.

Whiteboard pens

What happens to whiteboard pens when you leave the room? Do they disappear into a black hole? Are they eaten by a pen-snaffling monster? Who knows. Keep yours safe by locking them away in your desk. Maybe leave one out for a visiting teacher, if you’re feeling kind, but make sure you have a secret, safe supply.


Biros seem to be going the way of whiteboard pens and glue sticks. Now you see them, now you… don’t. Which can make marking a little tricky. Make sure you always have a stash in your desk for emergencies.

A piece of home

This could be a photo, an ornament, even just a coaster. But have something on hand to remind you that there is life outside of the four walls of your classroom. And no matter what happens in school, there is something waiting for you when you leave every day.

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