Six Simple Strategies for Coping with the End of Term

It’s been a hard year. You’re tired, the students are tired… and July is still weeks away. Here are some simple strategies for making sure both you and your students get through to the end of term unscathed!

  • Take it outside

The sun doesn’t always shine in the last half term, but when it does, take your lessons outside. They don’t have to be running around, all-singing, all-dancing lessons: they can just be what you’ve planned, delivered in the fresh air. A change of scenery does everyone good.

  • Prepare for next year

September may seem a lifetime away, but it will come round soon enough. Round up some willing volunteers to label-up books for your new cohorts. Use your free Year Eleven lessons (those that haven’t already been allocated by senior management) to tidy your store cupboard. Keep up your momentum until July and you’ll thank yourself in September.

  • Repeat, recap and revise

At this point in the term, it can feel like students’ brains have reached saturation point – they just don’t have room for anything new. If that’s the case, then use this time to review what you’ve achieved this year. Get them to look through their books and produce a guide for new students next term. Tell them to write their own quizzes on what they’ve learnt. Ask them what their favourite units were – and their least favourite.

  • Get creative

Use this final half term to make sure your room is how you want it. This is the time to get students to produce some stunning display work so you enter a bright and brilliant classroom after the summer holidays.

  • Be a drama llama

Drama can liven up the dullest of subjects, but it can sometimes seem a little daunting. Allowing the students out of their seats? Never! If you’re a little nervous about introducing drama to your curriculum, now is the time to get experimenting. Start with something simple, such as hot-seating, then move on to tableaux, physicality and script work.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff

When we’re exhausted, tempers can often be more frayed than normal. But try not to lose your cool – the students are tired, too. Don’t let your behaviour management slip, of course, but a bit of leeway and compassion doesn’t go amiss. You’re all crawling towards the finish line, and together you can make it!

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