#SpeedPD: Plan Your Weekend!

dog on a sofa

“I should be doing that marking…” – This dog, probably.

What are you up to?

We believe that the weekend is time to unwind and relax… and no one wants to feel like they’ve wasted their two days of grace each week. Here are some handy tips to make the most of your weekend that you can read in less than a minute!

  • Have something to look forward to! Binge some TV, go on a hike, make dinner reservations… Have a plan!
  • Ditch your work emails. Don’t open them, don’t reply and if you must have email apps installed on your phone, turn off notifications!
  • Leave the planning and marking in the classroom. If you’re the sort who tends to take books home and leave them in the car all weekend, you won’t feel guilty fortaking it for a walk‘ when you don’t touch them.
  • Tell your guilt to get lost. There’s nothing wrong with a lazy Sunday on the sofa doing nothing.
  • Avoid work talk if you’re out with colleagues. Talk about anything but work and have a forfeit for the person that just can’t help themselves. Drinks on them, maybe?

So that’s it… what other tips have you got for planning, and making the most of, the weekend?

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