#SpeedPD: Remembering Names is Hard

‘I’m Kevin, Sir. Jasper is sat over there…’

If you’re anything like me, remembering the names of every single student you teach can be a
challenge. Here are some handy tips that you can use to remember them!

  • Icebreaker games! Have each student introduce themselves with a memorable fact before recalling as many as you can or ask each student to describe themselves an alliterative adjective and try to use it for the first few lessons!
  • Look up during the register! Put a name and a β€˜here’ to a face by looking up and making eye contact during the register. With a smile, obviously!
  • Hand out the exercise books! If you’re beyond icebreaker games, hand out exercise books to your seated students. Or, place them in their seating plan location before students arrive (and not just in a pile according to the seating plan!).

Don’t be afraid to get it wrong! You will forget names and yes, it’s embarrassing. Own it,
admit it and make light of it!

What other hints and tips have you got for remembering all of those names? Let us know!

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