#SpeedPD: Remembering Names is Hard

‘I’m Kevin, Sir. Jasper is sat over there…’

If youโ€™re anything like me, remembering the names of every single student you teach can be a
challenge. Here are some handy tips that you can use to remember them!

  • Icebreaker games! Have each student introduce themselves with a memorable fact before recalling as many as you can or ask each student to describe themselves an alliterative adjective and try to use it for the first few lessons!
  • Look up during the register! Put a name and a โ€˜hereโ€™ to a face by looking up and making eye contact during the register. With a smile, obviously!
  • Hand out the exercise books! If youโ€™re beyond icebreaker games, hand out exercise books to your seated students. Or, place them in their seating plan location before students arrive (and not just in a pile according to the seating plan!).

Donโ€™t be afraid to get it wrong! You will forget names and yes, itโ€™s embarrassing. Own it,
admit it and make light of it!

What other hints and tips have you got for remembering all of those names? Let us know!

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