Sports Resources: The Summer of Sport with Beyond

Sports Resources: The Summer of Sport with Beyond

Kick-off the summer’s sporting events early by bringing the excitement of global tournaments into your classroom with Beyond’s excellent selection of sports resources!

2021’s summer of sport will be one to remember as tennis, football, rugby, athletics, cycling and more have their latest international events. Through Beyond’s fantastic range of worksheets and activities, you can harness the energy from occasions such as the European Championships, Wimbledon, the Tour De France and the British and Irish Lions tour to enthuse your students and get them learning. If you’re looking for the perfect way to bring the summer of sport into educational classroom content, Beyond’s dynamic new resources are here for the win!

Here are some of the sporty goodies we have on offer:

The Euros 2020

Science Sports Resources

Sports Resources: Euro Science Lesson

What does this Euro Championship 2021 lesson pack include?

In this Euro Championship 2021 lesson pack you will find the Science resources that explore how exercise affects heart rate and breathing rate. Your students will have all they need to carry out a practical experiment. 

In the first half of this Biology lesson, students will take part in a blood-pumping warm up exercise which will be used to record heart rates and breathing rates before and after exercising. At half time, the students will reflect on their results, before heading into the second half where they will use keywords to describe and explain the effect of exercise on heart rate and breathing rate. 

A PowerPoint presentation, instruction cards for the exercises and worksheets to record results on are all included. This pack is ideal for teaching around the Euro Championship 2020.

English Sports Resources

Did you know sports and English were a match made in heaven? In honour of Euro 2020, Beyond English has compiled a series of striking resources that are fully differentiated for all abilities. Whether it’s reading comprehension, poetry (yes football poetry is absolutely a thing) or fun football word games, your students will be engaged. The resources also come complete with the answers for quick and easy marking. Everything your students need to practise their reading, writing and pentameter skills can be found right here.

Reading Comprehension

Beyond English has created a football reading comprehension that covers the history of the Euros for sports-mad English students.

Sports Resources: Euro 2020 Reading Comprehension

Word Games

What better way to blend Euro 2020 with English than with Beyond’s series of football word games, including a whole host of football anagrams, word searches and puzzles! Explore the semantic field (get it) of football and unscramble a series of football anagrams from the comfort of your classroom, without getting your boots dirty.

Sports Resources: Euro 2020 Word Games


Using our Football Poetry Euro 2020 resource, students take a closer look at some classic pieces of football poetry, from Frank Skinner and David Baddiel’s Three Lions on a Shirt to the Belgian national anthem La Brabançonne! Looking for a way to bring football into the English classroom? Kick off with Beyond’s Euro 2020 The Poetry of Football. It’s coming home…just you wait.

r Football Poetry Euro 2020 resource

Maths Sports Resources

These ratio-based, colour by number sheets are a great way to celebrate the recent successes of England’s national and Premier League teams. This activity is a great fun way to focus any football fan and sneak in some ratio revision!

Ratio Colour by Numbers

Wimbledon 2021

English Sports Resources

Use this Wimbledon themed word game as an engaging starter activity in English. The PowerPoint features several slides with word combinations that pupils have to use to find and create other words. It’s perfect for KS3 and can also be used to occupy your tutor group on those last minute days.

Wimbledon 2020

Maths Sports Resources

This exciting indices activity helps KS4 pupils refine their skills as they try to unravel the mystery of who stole Roger’s fedora! By correctly answering a series of engaging questions, your students will reveal clues as to who committed the crime. Step-by-step, they will apply their knowledge of index laws to solve the mystery. The indices worksheet is designed to support teaching of further indices for GCSE Maths, and develops their knowledge of index laws  (multiplication, division and brackets) in a suspenseful and exciting context that they will enjoy.

Maths Sports Resource

Science Sports Resources

Have you ever wondered why your breathing rate increases when you exercise? Use this lesson to find out. This resource teaches the effects of exercise on the body in the context of a tennis match. It’s ideal for the run-up to Wimbledon!

This lesson on ‘biology in a tennis game‘ includes a starter activity that explores the benefits of warm-up exercises. Students will consider why tennis players warm up before a match. Your students will discuss stretching, the importance of measuring pulses before and after exercise and then carry out various tennis type exercises to increase their own pulse rates. They learn a set of subject specific terminology to explain their results. 

An exam style question on how exercise affects the body is the perfect final activity as it allows students to consolidate their learning and finish off strongly!

Biology of a Tennis Match

Tour De France 2021

Science Sports Resources

Bring Tour de France to your classroom with this distance-time graphs worksheet. It’s ideal as a complementary homework assignment following your lesson on distance-time graphs and it incorporates current sports events.

Distance-time graphs are used in various data collection techniques. This type of graph gives a visual aid to the comparison of a distance versus the time that has passed. They show the motion of an object and how both the distance and speed can change with time. Students are asked to analyse the graphs and calculate the speed of the cyclist at certain stages of the race. Students are then provided with an extract from another cyclist’s race and asked to draw the distance-time graph to represent the race. The speed equation is provided as a triangle on the included desk prompt to support students in rearranging the formula to calculate distance, speed and time. Sounds good right?

You can assess your students’ understanding of distance-time graphs quickly as the provided answer sheet makes it easy for you to check their work or maybe include it as a self or peer-assessment task. The best part is that this resource can be adapted for any sports related events so they are perfect for the summer of sport!

Tour de France Speed & Distance

Find the complete range here.

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