Staggered? Don’t Be.

Christmas with Beyond 2020

It’s been easy to feel snowed under this term with teaching combined with masks, bubbles, open windows, social distancing, litres and litres of alcohol gel (if only it was drinkable…) and pupils randomly in and out of school. But at least you have the bright lights and promise of the festive break to look forward to.

OK, so Christmas didn’t come early and the extra week that was mooted didn’t happen, but there are still two lovely weeks of chocolate, sherry, presents, good cheer and a slight loosening of the C19 rules (and your belt if you eat too much).

But now of course, we know that years 7-10 will need online resources for at least the first week back in January 2021 and it would be easy to think your Christmas stocking is stuffed and relaxation will have to be put on ice. You may even feel you want to deck something – and I don’t mean the halls.

But fear not – Beyond will not leave you out in the cold. You deserve your Christmas to be fun, serene and twinkly with time to recharge and recover. The Beyond elves are here to make sure that happens.

Loads of Beyond resources lend themselves to online learning – they’re all digital for a start. You can post them on your school’s VLE quicker than a letter to Santa and the fact that they are written by teachers and offer high quality information, tasks and revision is just the custard on the plum pudding.

We have hundreds of resources wrapped, beribboned and ready for your first week back.

Behold and admire, for this is Beyond with all its Christmas bells on:


Put the jingle back into your bell curves with this selection of activity sheets. The walkthrough worksheets are particularly helpful for setting work from home as they include interactive PDFs which can be completed on screen.

Give KS4 a piece of the (mince) pie chart as well with a vast selection for GCSE:


The science KS3 overview makes life as simple as a single-celled organism – select your current topic, click on it and you’ll be sorted swifter than a wavicle develops an identity crisis.

Revision packs are the gift that keeps on giving with info and then tasks for pupils to complete:

And for KS4, a veritable feast:


The KS3 Curriculum Map is like Santa’s sack – full of goodies. It gives links to specific topics as well as SPAG activities and seasonal resources. Pick and choose is the name of the game – you’ll have sorted your planning quicker than Scrooge refuses Bob Cratchit a day off:

And what more could KS4 wish for on that Christmas star than one of our interactive revision guides?

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