5 Things That Make The Summer Term the Best

It’s been a hard year. You’ve done parents evenings, extra-curricular activities, revision sessions, exam marking, twilight CPDs and school trips. Not to mention planning, marking and the lessons themselves. But now, the end is in sight. As you say goodbye … Continue reading 5 Things That Make The Summer Term the Best

Things You Should Never Say to a Teacher

Understanding teaching is nigh-on impossible until you do it for yourself. Even the spouses/partners of teachers don’t fully understand its intricacies – but passing comment is easy, but here are a few things you should really, really avoid saying to a teacher. ‘All those holidays must be nice!’ Holidays are amazing. Being able to take a holiday when you want it is just that bit more amazing. Here’s why. Imagine lazing on a beautiful, tropical beach in your swimming shorts/bikini and suddenly hearing a familiar “Hello Sir/Miss! What are you doing here?” as if the child is surprised you’ve been let … Continue reading Things You Should Never Say to a Teacher

Would You Hand Pupils the Power?

What’s happening on Friday? Thousands of UK schoolchildren are preparing to walk out of lessons on Friday as part of a nationwide strike to protest global inaction on climate change. Following the example of Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old activist who held a three-week protest outside the Swedish parliament, students across the globe have been holding ‘Fridays for the Future’ strikes to raise awareness of escalating climate change and demand immediate action from politicians. The growing movement will make its way to the UK for the first time on 15 February, ahead of a planned global strike on 15 March. Greta’s … Continue reading Would You Hand Pupils the Power?

#SpeedPD: How to Survive Parents’ Evening

After a long day of teaching, parents’ evening can feel like the last thing you need. But speaking to parents can be a really useful experience, especially if you are prepared. Read our hints and tips in this blog post. Continue reading #SpeedPD: How to Survive Parents’ Evening

Quick Behaviour Management Tips for the Classroom

Content writer Debi, a former pastoral manager, maths teacher and head of year for over 20 years shares some quick tips for managing the classroom. Returning to school in January tends to go one of two ways – the students are either so worn out from the excitement or they’re bouncing off the walls. Both apathy and boundless energy present a challenge to the new and seasoned teacher alike and if the festive holidays have left your memory a little hazy, here are a few quick bullet-point reminders to get the behaviour back on track. Be fair and consistent. Do … Continue reading Quick Behaviour Management Tips for the Classroom