Messy? No, Just Artistically Challenged!

Penny S-K ponders being messy despite trying otherwise in this evening’s blog article. I’m not a neat person. I try my best, I really do. I love stationery: I have files and folders and notepads and all manner of organisational tools at my fingertips. But ultimately, I will never be tidy. It’s something I’ve come to accept after four decades of minor chaos. Sadly, my messiness is not confined to my surroundings: it also affects my appearance. I try to look neat and well-turned out, but somehow my shirt always comes untucked, my shoelaces come undone, my hair decides to … Continue reading Messy? No, Just Artistically Challenged!

Is a Paperless Classroom Possible?

Last year, we saw a massive public response to reduce the impact of plastic waste in our oceans, owing largely to the impact of Sir David Attenborough and his documentary Blue Planet II had on us. But let’s face it, plastic isn’t the only culprit to have a damaging impact on our environment. In our classroom we use huge amounts of paper and paper products; be it graph paper, lined paper, tracing paper, plain paper, printing, photocopying, exercise books, jotters, scrap paper, display backing paper… I’m certain this is not an exhaustive list. Perhaps it is the lesser of two evils? … Continue reading Is a Paperless Classroom Possible?