What’s Your Achilles’ Heel?

Though secondary school teachers are of course experts in their chosen fields, it’s probably fair to state that most of us have an Achilles heel. Mine is poetry. Fellow English teachers extol the emotional connection that they had with a poem, while the emotional connection I typically experience is deep confusion. The Cox Report (1989), which helped to establish the national curriculum as we know it, brilliantly described poetry as ‘language made strange’, though chances are its author foresaw the students finding it alien rather than those charged with teaching it. Remarkably, the poetry essays I wrote at university all … Continue reading What’s Your Achilles’ Heel?

GCSE Reading List: How Many Have You Read?

Ignoring the fact that most of us follow the academic calendar more closely than the Gregorian one, we have a New Year’s challenge for you, ourselves and your students…how many titles on the GCSE reading list have you devoured? A quick Internet search on January 1st revealed a plethora of different reading challenges, including one with a “foolproof plan on how to read 300 books in 365 days”. Unless that plan incorporates a) jacking in work or b) students’ exercise books (in which case, what a doddle!), then 300 books looks like a pipedream to us. The average English teacher … Continue reading GCSE Reading List: How Many Have You Read?

GCSE Science Revision Mats: A Love / Hate Relationship

Becky Driver explains the complicated feelings she has for the science revision tool. Well, what can I say about these resources? I have developed a kind of love hate relationship with this revision material. Why? you may ask. Why the hate? When I started at Twinkl, nearly two years ago, I was given the task of producing a set of GCSE revision mats. The very detailed brief was, make some revision mats! An easy task you may think? Think again. I started to plan how they would be set up: higher, foundation, separate, combined, biology, chemistry, physics, AQA, Edexcel and … Continue reading GCSE Science Revision Mats: A Love / Hate Relationship

Need maths worksheets? Check out our Maths Activity Mats!

Content writer Charlotte talks us through the process of creating Maths Activity Mats and explains how to best use them in the classroom. Who Am I? I’m Charlotte and have been working with Twinkl Secondary for two years. I worked in schools for 10 years as a Maths Teacher then Head of Department and am now a School Governor and Private Tutor as well as being at Twinkl. I began work on Activity Mats a year and a half ago and since then they’ve grown and grown, with all of the Secondary Maths Team having input into their creation. What’s Great About … Continue reading Need maths worksheets? Check out our Maths Activity Mats!

A Christmas Carol Gets a Makeover

One of our lovely content writers, Marie, has kindly written a blog explaining the exciting changes coming to our A Christmas Carol unit of work!  It’s November, so we’re safe to mention Christmas right? Well, I’m going to go right ahead because I want to tell you a bit about our resources for Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Lesson 1 is free! Check it out here! Who Am I? I’m Marie and I’ve been with Twinkl Secondary since the very beginning and we’ve had resources on the site for this book since the early days as they were some of the first … Continue reading A Christmas Carol Gets a Makeover