Things You Should Never Say to a Teacher

Understanding teaching is nigh-on impossible until you do it for yourself. Even the spouses/partners of teachers don’t fully understand its intricacies – but passing comment is easy, but here are a few things you should really, really avoid saying to a teacher. ‘All those holidays must be nice!’ Holidays are amazing. Being able to take a holiday when you want it is just that bit more amazing. Here’s why. Imagine lazing on a beautiful, tropical beach in your swimming shorts/bikini and suddenly hearing a familiar “Hello Sir/Miss! What are you doing here?” as if the child is surprised you’ve been let … Continue reading Things You Should Never Say to a Teacher

Teaching Holiday Half-Truths

No matter what school you teach at, what year groups you have, what subject you teach, there are some things that are true for every teacher in the holidays. How many of these half-truths have you told yourself? The Half –Truth: This is the holiday that you will avoid being poorly in the first few days. You know it happens every time: the bell rings to signal the holidays and suddenly the cold/sickness bug/exhaustion you’ve been avoiding these last couple of weeks hits you with vengeance. This time, you are going to take cold relief tablets in pre-emptive strike, sterilise … Continue reading Teaching Holiday Half-Truths

Time Is Relative in Teaching

In the words of the bard, we are time’s subjects. If there’s one thing to be said of time, it’s that time definitely works differently for teachers. Sometimes, time slows down… With half term but a few days away, you might have noticed a strange phenomenon. Time is, in fact, slowing down. Each hour-long lesson actually takes somewhere in the region of 3 or 4 hours and that commute that you could’ve sworn takes 34 minutes takes approximately 2 hours on the way in and on the way home. You might notice that this particular pattern of time dilation occurs when … Continue reading Time Is Relative in Teaching

Winter Wellbeing for January

Be kind to yourself. The Christmas term is an exhausting one and despite the restful holiday, we’re plunged back into that pressure almost immediately in January.  If you’ve put tasks off prior to or during the Christmas break, you might feel that pressure all the more. Regardless, make sure that you give yourself time to rest, say no when you need to and be realistic about what you can and can’t do when you return in January. Reframe your thinking. Sometimes we find ourselves in a cycle of negativity when we expect the worst and this can become a self-fulfilling … Continue reading Winter Wellbeing for January

Back to School: How to Beat ‘The Dread’

Back to School Blues If there’s one thing to be said about school holidays, it’s the fact that a lot of social norms go out of the window. We’ll indulge in unusual amounts of alcohol because it’s not a ‘school … Continue reading Back to School: How to Beat ‘The Dread’