Winter Wellbeing for January

Be kind to yourself. The Christmas term is an exhausting one and despite the restful holiday, we’re plunged back into that pressure almost immediately in January. If you’ve put tasks off prior to or during the Christmas break, you might feel that pressure all the more. Regardless, make sure that you give yourself time to rest, say no when you need to and be realistic about what you can and can’t do when you return in January. Reframe your thinking. Sometimes we find ourselves in a cycle of negativity when we expect the worst and this can become a self-fulfilling … Continue reading Winter Wellbeing for January

The #TeacherNewYearRevolution Starts Now!

Let’s guess your resolutions for 2019: Eat better. Exercise. Explore a new hobby. Exorcise a bad habit. Are we close? Statistics show that these are the most common resolutions alongside saving money and getting more sleep. Statistics also show that only 50% of people are confident that they can stick to their resolutions while 1 in 5 people admit that their resolutions are overly ambitious and potentially unsustainable. Setting targets to improve our lives naturally comes with the territory of New Year and many of them focus on physical improvements, but one of the most important things people always forget is … Continue reading The #TeacherNewYearRevolution Starts Now!

Ready for the Form Time Christmas Quiz?

Claire Brown writes on loving Christmas and being a fabulous form tutor. Tis the season to be jolly! I absolutely love Christmas: a time filled with fun and excitement, but let’s not forget, a time that can strike fear into teachers around the country. The build-up to Christmas is an emotional roller-coaster for both educators and pupils alike. For some, there will be worries about getting to know new school customs; for others panic about already being a term into a new GCSE course; or for year 11 students, horror at the realisation that they are drawing towards their final calendar … Continue reading Ready for the Form Time Christmas Quiz?