Remember Why You Love Teaching

I’m a sucker for a craze. Unless it’s flossing, which I think is distinctly overrated. But the current fad for decluttering, made so popular by Marie Kondo, has infected me. I love the concept of only keeping things if they still spark joy. It feels so cleansing. Inspired, I decided I will declutter my house; I’ll start at the top, and work down. And so, one afternoon, I find myself climbing up into my loft, braving the spiders and the cobwebs and the gross thing in the corner which is probably just a dust bunny but in my imagination is … Continue reading Remember Why You Love Teaching

In Defence of Paper: I’ll Be Keeping Stig of the Dump

If you ever find time to Netflix and chill in amongst all the planning and assessment, you might have caught Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up, in which the Japanese organising consultant compels viewers to de-clutter their lives and homes. Now, I am conscious that my classroom would undoubtedly benefit from the trained eye of a professional organising consultant, although I doubt a teacher’s salary would stretch to such expertise. What I – and numerous other bibliophiles – take issue with is Kondo’s minimalist dictum stating that book collections should be limited to 30. I am willing to concede that space-saving Kindles … Continue reading In Defence of Paper: I’ll Be Keeping Stig of the Dump