4 Behaviour Tips to Share with Your NQT

You’ve been in your new post for a term and pocket change at this point – you’ve probably got most of the behavioural quirks down but you’re finding that as half-term approaches, new challenges are beginning to appear… time to do some sleuthing. Hold Firm It’s tempting to step off the gas regarding classroom management as you settle into your role. Why not, after all? The kids start to take a greater liking to you as you begin to show more of your personality and you become more comfortable in front of them – but don’t let your students mistake … Continue reading 4 Behaviour Tips to Share with Your NQT

How Do You Deal with Lesson Observation Feedback?

If you’ve happened to read my blog post titled ‘Seven Top Tips for NQTs’ you’ll have no doubt read point five which was summarised as ‘Sometimes, Feedback Isn’t Pleasant’. No one enjoys criticism and even if the observer is as nice as pie, sometimes you can come away feeling defeated and demoralised. This got me thinking. How can you handle lesson observation feedback in a positive and constructive way? Organise a Time and Place If given the option, avoid immediate feedback but organise a meeting immediately.  This is for two reasons. First of all, you’re likely to want some time … Continue reading How Do You Deal with Lesson Observation Feedback?

Behaviour Management: It’s like herding cats!

Behaviour and effective behaviour management can often leave you at your wits’ end; pencils are whizzing past your ears, someone’s standing on the table and you could swear that the portal to the Underworld has opened in your classroom. Don’t shout – Shouting or raising your voice generally encourages students to do the same and is a sign you’ve lost control. Maintain eye contact – The student will more readily realise you’re speaking directly to them if you do,  and will be more likely to respond to your request. Don’t make it personal – Don’t give into your base instincts … Continue reading Behaviour Management: It’s like herding cats!

Positive Phone Calls Home

Last week, Debi Cullen, former Pastoral Manager, Head of House and Head of Year, posted a blog about the power of phone calls home in building positive relationships with parents and ironing out behaviour issues. But how can we use phone calls in an encouraging way too? Amanda Varley delves into this. Imagine: You’ve had a tough day, students have been kicking off in class, and you have a list of parents to phone before you have even started to think about marking or going home. After a challenging day, it ends it on a real downer. But here’s some … Continue reading Positive Phone Calls Home