Teaching Quotes as Said by Shakespeare

He may have lived four hundred years ago and spent most of his days striding around in doublet and hose, but Shakespeare was actually more modern than you might think. Thought his plays were about kings and queens and lovers … Continue reading Teaching Quotes as Said by Shakespeare

Feeling the Pressure

Penny S-K discusses exams, the US college admissions scandal and the determination to succeed at almost any cost in tonight’s blog.  I’m not usually one for celebrity gossip, but the scandal currently rocking Hollywood has had me hooked. Earlier this week, it was announced that actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were among 40 people charged for plotting to cheat on college entrance exams. Partially because I am a big fan of Huffman’s, and partly because I am a teacher, this story has captivated me. The ins and outs of the case are for finer minds than mine, but what … Continue reading Feeling the Pressure

Things You Should Never Say to a Teacher

Understanding teaching is nigh-on impossible until you do it for yourself. Even the spouses/partners of teachers don’t fully understand its intricacies – but passing comment is easy, but here are a few things you should really, really avoid saying to a teacher. ‘All those holidays must be nice!’ Holidays are amazing. Being able to take a holiday when you want it is just that bit more amazing. Here’s why. Imagine lazing on a beautiful, tropical beach in your swimming shorts/bikini and suddenly hearing a familiar “Hello Sir/Miss! What are you doing here?” as if the child is surprised you’ve been let … Continue reading Things You Should Never Say to a Teacher

Can You Spot a Child in an Abusive Relationship?

Debi offers her advice for parents and teachers who’re worried about young people forming new relationships. Debi draws on her many years of experience as a pastoral manager and teacher in secondary schools in East Kent.  In this instance, the advice … Continue reading Can You Spot a Child in an Abusive Relationship?

#SpeedPD: How to Survive Parents’ Evening

After a long day of teaching, parents’ evening can feel like the last thing you need. But speaking to parents can be a really useful experience, especially if you are prepared. Read our hints and tips in this blog post. Continue reading #SpeedPD: How to Survive Parents’ Evening