The #TeacherNewYearRevolution Starts Now!

Let’s guess your resolutions for 2019: Eat better. Exercise. Explore a new hobby. Exorcise a bad habit. Are we close? Statistics show that these are the most common resolutions alongside saving money and getting more sleep. Statistics also show that only 50% of people are confident that they can stick to their resolutions while 1 in 5 people admit that their resolutions are overly ambitious and potentially unsustainable. Setting targets to improve our lives naturally comes with the territory of New Year and many of them focus on physical improvements, but one of the most important things people always forget is … Continue reading The #TeacherNewYearRevolution Starts Now!

Back to School: How to Beat ‘The Dread’

Back to School Blues If there’s one thing to be said about school holidays, it’s the fact that a lot of social norms go out of the window. We’ll indulge in unusual amounts of alcohol because it’s not a ‘school … Continue reading Back to School: How to Beat ‘The Dread’

When Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

All my life, I’ve been a perfectionist. Give me a task and I’ll want to do it, not just well, but perfectly. I’ve always wanted to be top of the class. I’ve wanted to have the gold star. I’ve wanted to be the one who wins. And then I became a teacher. It started off well enough. In my NQT year, my university supervisor commented on how immaculately I had arranged my evidence folders. Perfectly labelled, perfectly filed, perfectly annotated. Colleagues were shown examples of my exemplary marking. I was asked to lead a CPD session on inspiring lower ability … Continue reading When Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

Passion or Planning: Where Should a Teacher’s Priorities Lie?

Penny S-K explores different approaches to planning, and how to get the best out of your teaching personality. Several years ago, I worked with the most incredible teacher. Let’s call him Bob. Bob was the kind of teacher we all aspire to be: he was liked and respected by students, had excellent subject knowledge, and delivered consistently good Key Stage 3 and GCSE results. He wasn’t a saint though – he could occasionally be snappy with staff and his desk looked like it had been the victim of a highly localised whirlwind. But he was a great teacher. Like all … Continue reading Passion or Planning: Where Should a Teacher’s Priorities Lie?