The Element of Surprise

In this evening’s blog, Penny S-K talks us through a recurring nightmare and teaching in the face of a lack of planning. Do you ever have that dream where you’re about to go on stage, and you discover that you can’t remember any of your lines? And sometimes, for added colour, you’ve also forgotten to put on any clothes? It’s a recurring nightmare for me – probably down to my slightly theatrical background and general nervousness about life. But it’s a dream that’s never been more prominent than when I was a teacher. The fear of walking into any situation … Continue reading The Element of Surprise

Maths Resources: Favourites This Week

Siobhan Lawrence, Content Writer for Secondary Maths, discusses her go-to maths resources from the site. Browse through her list at the top of the page and click the images to link through to the resources on the Twinkl website. For a fuller explanation on the thought process behind them scroll further down this page. Escape the Room: Arithmetic Exit Tickets These Escape the Room Challenge Cards are a brilliant way to keep students focused right up until they leave the classroom and provide such a great assessment for learning tool for teachers. They are also fantastic for encouraging students to … Continue reading Maths Resources: Favourites This Week

Why Departmental Sharing is so Important

I trained at a school where each teacher planned and resourced their own lessons. Every teacher was teaching the same topic, yet each individually planned a scheme of work and delivered a range of lessons. And they were so territorial about their lessons. Worksheets were not shared. Lesson plans were not emailed around with a cheery ‘Hope this helps!’ Every man for themselves. When I was employed at my first school, the department shared everything. Lessons, worksheets, ideas and links were shared by email, in department meetings and over cups of tea in the staff room. It was a breath … Continue reading Why Departmental Sharing is so Important

Teachers, Put Your Feet up at Christmas!

Christmas Chores Well, I don’t know about you, but I typically don’t find myself getting a lot of R&R over the Christmas holidays! Yesterday I cooked for (and washed up after…) 15 people, we dragged the garden table in from the patio so we could all have some elbow space for dinner and had to totally rearrange the furniture to fit everyone in comfortably. Truth be told, these are the kind of ‘chores’ I absolutely love about Christmas time. Yes, it’s hard work peeling potatoes and rolling stuffing balls for 15 people with big appetites but when you sit down … Continue reading Teachers, Put Your Feet up at Christmas!

Ready for the Form Time Christmas Quiz?

Claire Brown writes on loving Christmas and being a fabulous form tutor. Tis the season to be jolly! I absolutely love Christmas: a time filled with fun and excitement, but let’s not forget, a time that can strike fear into teachers around the country. The build-up to Christmas is an emotional roller-coaster for both educators and pupils alike. For some, there will be worries about getting to know new school customs; for others panic about already being a term into a new GCSE course; or for year 11 students, horror at the realisation that they are drawing towards their final calendar … Continue reading Ready for the Form Time Christmas Quiz?