Ban the Eye Bags: Why Sleep is so Important

Sleep. A natural activity that every human has done since birth. Yet why is it that as teachers we can find this valuable commodity is something that we are missing out on? On average, people need 8 hours sleep at night to be fully rested and ready for the day. For some its 6 hours, for others it’s 10 hours; whatever is your optimum amount, it is likely that as teacher you have had to forfeit some sleep over the year to fit in the myriad of tasks that are assigned to teachers. Planning, marking, worrying about vulnerable students, preparing … Continue reading Ban the Eye Bags: Why Sleep is so Important

The #TeacherNewYearRevolution Starts Now!

Let’s guess your resolutions for 2019: Eat better. Exercise. Explore a new hobby. Exorcise a bad habit. Are we close? Statistics show that these are the most common resolutions alongside saving money and getting more sleep. Statistics also show that only 50% of people are confident that they can stick to their resolutions while 1 in 5 people admit that their resolutions are overly ambitious and potentially unsustainable. Setting targets to improve our lives naturally comes with the territory of New Year and many of them focus on physical improvements, but one of the most important things people always forget is … Continue reading The #TeacherNewYearRevolution Starts Now!

Teachers, Put Your Feet up at Christmas!

Christmas Chores Well, I don’t know about you, but I typically don’t find myself getting a lot of R&R over the Christmas holidays! Yesterday I cooked for (and washed up after…) 15 people, we dragged the garden table in from the patio so we could all have some elbow space for dinner and had to totally rearrange the furniture to fit everyone in comfortably. Truth be told, these are the kind of ‘chores’ I absolutely love about Christmas time. Yes, it’s hard work peeling potatoes and rolling stuffing balls for 15 people with big appetites but when you sit down … Continue reading Teachers, Put Your Feet up at Christmas!

Be Yourself: Should There Be Behaviour Expectations on Teachers?

One of our content writers mulls over the conundrum, to what extent should your ‘school self’ be your true self? It’s a truism that teaching involves a certain amount of acting; whether putting on a straight face or a stern one, sometimes disguising your true feelings is by far the best approach. But just how much should you sublimate the real you? Fashion Conscious For me, this question has rarely been any more critical than how far I can bend the teacher dress code… Is a suit and trainer combination ever acceptable? Is there any theoretical evidence linking the choice … Continue reading Be Yourself: Should There Be Behaviour Expectations on Teachers?