Remember Why You Love Teaching

I’m a sucker for a craze. Unless it’s flossing, which I think is distinctly overrated. But the current fad for decluttering, made so popular by Marie Kondo, has infected me. I love the concept of only keeping things if they still spark joy. It feels so cleansing. Inspired, I decided I will declutter my house; I’ll start at the top, and work down. And so, one afternoon, I find myself climbing up into my loft, braving the spiders and the cobwebs and the gross thing in the corner which is probably just a dust bunny but in my imagination is … Continue reading Remember Why You Love Teaching

GCSE Reading List: How Many Have You Read?

Ignoring the fact that most of us follow the academic calendar more closely than the Gregorian one, we have a New Year’s challenge for you, ourselves and your students…how many titles on the GCSE reading list have you devoured? A quick Internet search on January 1st revealed a plethora of different reading challenges, including one with a “foolproof plan on how to read 300 books in 365 days”. Unless that plan incorporates a) jacking in work or b) students’ exercise books (in which case, what a doddle!), then 300 books looks like a pipedream to us. The average English teacher … Continue reading GCSE Reading List: How Many Have You Read?