Turn ‘Stress’ into ‘Rest!

Stress. Pressure. Strain. It doesn’t matter what synonym you use for it, the outcome is the same. Sometimes the never-ending to-do list can make you feel overwhelmed and under-resourced. What do you need to tell yourself to cope with the demand of your role and make sure that your life isn’t all work and no fun? Accept your limits This is an important one. The fact is that you aren’t going to get everything done in the day. You can productive and efficient yet sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. This doesn’t mean that you should stay … Continue reading Turn ‘Stress’ into ‘Rest!

Ban the Eye Bags: Why Sleep is so Important

Sleep. A natural activity that every human has done since birth. Yet why is it that as teachers we can find this valuable commodity is something that we are missing out on? On average, people need 8 hours sleep at night to be fully rested and ready for the day. For some its 6 hours, for others it’s 10 hours; whatever is your optimum amount, it is likely that as teacher you have had to forfeit some sleep over the year to fit in the myriad of tasks that are assigned to teachers. Planning, marking, worrying about vulnerable students, preparing … Continue reading Ban the Eye Bags: Why Sleep is so Important