Let’s Talk About Wellbeing: How Schools Get it Wrong

Wellbeing can be defined as being comfortable, healthy or happy – and for many schools, they’re getting this massively wrong with piecemeal pleasantries that masquerade as positive approaches to wellbeing instead of genuine care for their staff. The term ‘wellbeing’ … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Wellbeing: How Schools Get it Wrong

Teacher Mental Health: Reactive, not Proactive

While a greater focus and need for mental health provisions has obviously become increasingly prominent in recent years, we ask whether or not steps could be made to make mental health provisions for teachers, especially NQTs having a rough time, … Continue reading Teacher Mental Health: Reactive, not Proactive

5 Things All Teachers Need More Of

Teachers do a particularly important job of nurturing and fostering the minds of the next generation and while it’s not an entirely thankless job, sometimes appreciation wouldn’t go amiss. Especially during exam season. Here are 5 things teachers could do … Continue reading 5 Things All Teachers Need More Of

The Unicorn Teacher

They’re very rare and special. There won’t be more than one or two in a school. Sometimes there won’t be any at all. They hold distinctive and exceptional qualities that are breathtaking to behold, many want to emulate and few can achieve. They are the unicorn teachers and if you meet one, you should look after them very, very carefully. Unicorn Teachers deliver in many ways like so many teachers: they work hard and go the extra mile for their students, being friendly, positive and genuinely interested. You’ll find them at extra-curricular clubs and meetings, being helpful to new staff … Continue reading The Unicorn Teacher

The Unsung School Hero

She always comes in smiling with a bounce within her walk; She’s busy but she’s always sure she’s got the time to talk. She copies worksheets, sorts them out, because I’m out of time, And when I think a lesson’s bad she’ll reassure it’s fine.   He sits with kids who cannot write and never learnt to read; He helps them to make sense of work and try til they succeed. He tidies, sorts and photocopies, makes a great display; He helps to tidy classrooms at the end of every day.   She laughs with students, shows them how to … Continue reading The Unsung School Hero

Quick Questions To Ask A Colleague

Teaching can be quite an isolating job at times. We’re busy at work and we’re busy at home. We get rarely socialise as much as we should and some days, we barely even speak to another adult at all. Amanda shares five questions you should take time out of your day to ask a colleague. Continue reading Quick Questions To Ask A Colleague