The #TeacherNewYearRevolution Starts Now!

Let’s guess your resolutions for 2019: Eat better. Exercise. Explore a new hobby. Exorcise a bad habit. Are we close? Statistics show that these are the most common resolutions alongside saving money and getting more sleep. Statistics also show that only 50% of people are confident that they can stick to their resolutions while 1 in 5 people admit that their resolutions are overly ambitious and potentially unsustainable. Setting targets to improve our lives naturally comes with the territory of New Year and many of them focus on physical improvements, but one of the most important things people always forget is … Continue reading The #TeacherNewYearRevolution Starts Now!

Mottos for a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is such a busy time, coupled with teaching and family life, it can become an overwhelming time! Here are some age-old adages that apply at this time of year to avoid stresses and panic! 1. Family comes first. Of course, this is true at any time of the year, but Christmas is such a special, important time for family and you shouldn’t feel guilty about using your weekends to enjoy that time. Yes, there will still be data to input, books to mark, emails to send…but remember when people say that you don’t get that time back, you really … Continue reading Mottos for a Merry Christmas!

Mindfulness for Teachers: It’s Okay to Take a Moment…

Teaching is a wonderful, busy, frightening, exhilarating, exhausting and amazing profession. It isn’t just a job; it is a vocation and because of this, it can feel like life is hurtling 100mph down a road that is relentlessly twisting and turning; a constant conveyor belt of marking, meetings and mayhem; a never-ending to-do list that can easily swallow up every spare moment that you have. This kind of workload can be overwhelming and it can be easy to think that you can’t stop, pause for a moment and take a breath, but actually it is important, in fact essential, that … Continue reading Mindfulness for Teachers: It’s Okay to Take a Moment…

How Can I Support My Team’s Wellbeing at School?

Teaching can be one of the most stressful careers, especially at those bottle-neck points in the year where everything seems to happen at once! Being a line manager means that you haven’t just got the responsibility of your own work/life balance, but also that of your team. Here’s five things you can do to proactively support the wellbeing of your team: Get to know them! It might seem obvious, but you can only spot something is amiss if you know the personality and typical behaviours of your team. People respond differently to stress: some people shout; some people become the … Continue reading How Can I Support My Team’s Wellbeing at School?

The Best Things about Being a Teacher

It’s no secret that teaching is hard work and, at times, stressful. When the stress gets the better of us, it’s easy to forget that at its core, teaching is one of the best jobs out there. If you’re having a particularly tough day, here are five of the best things about being a teacher. No One Day Is Ever the Same Sure, your timetable won’t be changing and the bells go off at the same time every day but the fact that you have the opportunity to try new ideas, teach new content and chat to your students about … Continue reading The Best Things about Being a Teacher

Who is your Starfish?

In her account below, Amanda Varley an English content writer, shares some inspirational words for teachers to hold in mind in challenging situations. A Challenging Environment When I first started teaching, I worked in a school that was widely recognised as serving the most deprived area in the region. For the majority, unemployment was widespread, teenage pregnancy was high and income was low so many of the students that came through our school gates were vulnerable, often we had limited parental support and students simply being in school was something to be appreciated, let alone them having their own pen … Continue reading Who is your Starfish?