10 Hilarious Teacher Essentials We All Need

10 Hilarious Teacher Essentials We All Need

Being a teacher puts a whole new spin on the phrase “if I don’t laugh, I will cry”. A school day brings boundless reasons to completely lose your head so you have to make room for laughter. A little joke here and there will help you get through the day and it will make you memorable among your students. Honestly, life is hard and serious enough so any way we can add more joy we say do it. Embrace your sense of humor with these hilarious teacher essentials. 

Here’s a list of the funniest supplies you NEED if you’re a teacher. 

1. Boozy To-Do-List Pad 

We all need an incentive to get things done and this calendar provides the perfect one. This handy to-do list pad allows you to accomplish, delegate, postpone, plan and remind yourself of everything you need to get done. The clear tick boxes allow you to check off your goals as you go and make you feel more accomplished. Once you’ve ticked all the boxes you are then given the option to “pick your poison” and reward yourself for all your hard work! Sounds like a good deal if you ask me.

2. Judgy Pencil/Brush Pot

The next two teacher essentials go out to the English teachers out there. English teachers are notorious for being a bit snooty and as a English teacher myself, I must admit it’s kinda true. Grammar errors are the bane of our lives so why not have this super judgy pencil pot on display in your classroom? Your students have been warned! 

3. Cheeky Grammar Pencils 

How many times have you had to make these corrections? These pencils will be a funny constant reminder to your students to use the right word! 

4. Slightly Sinister Students Tears Mug 

verytea Student Tears - fun mug great gift idea for teacher or lecturer

Just so your students know who’s boss, use this mug to send them a clear sinister message! The mug works especially well on new year 7s. You can enjoy a warm beverage while simultaneously scaring your students half to death. This is multitasking at its finest. 

5. The Truth Behind Teaching Mug 

This hilarious cup perfectly exemplifies the reality of being a teacher. It starts off pleasant then slowly blows up in your face! It’s a funny spin on the challenges of the job and will definitely be a funny conversation starter.

6. The Automated “NO” Pen

How many times have you had to repeat yourself today? It’s super exhausting repeating the same darn thing every-single-day. Imagine being able to say no by simply touching a button! This fun little gadget allows you to do just that. The “I Said No” Pen is conveniently shaped like a megaphone and has a built in loudspeaker that hollers various ways to say no! It can say “I said no!”, “OH NO!” and my favourite “Ummm a yeah, NO!”. This pen could significantly decrease your need to use your teacher voice!

7. The Teacher is Always Right Notebook

Teacher Always Right Spiral Notebook

We’ve all heard the phrase “the customer is always right” because businesses only thrive when customers feel welcome and appreciated. We need to apply the logic to the classroom. There are no lessons, no grading and of course no teaching without teachers running the show.  Hence why the teacher is always right! This funny slogan notebook serves as a gentle reminder of our supreme rightness. 

8. Stress Reduction Chill Pills

We all need a treat from time to time, or between each lesson if you’re a teacher. This jar label can be stuck onto any of your favourite sweet treats. The hilarious label promises immediate relief from all the cumbersome teacher tasks. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine!

9. Mini Punching Bag – For Those Extra Stressful Days

DALADA Desktop Mini Punch Bag, Table Boxing Speed Ball for Stress Relief, Punching Bag with Stand for Kids Adults, Training Desktop Hit Ball with Suction Cup for Home Office

This mini punching bag fits perfectly on a desk and can be used just before that challenging class comes in and straight after they leave! It’s a productive way to release pent up anger and have a laugh at yourself in the process.

10. Termly Whisky Glass

Engraved Bubble Whiskey Glass Teacher Gift End of Term Funny Gift Come in Gift Box - Birthday Teacher Gift

There is a direct correlation between drawing closer to the end term and one’s desire to drink. This whisky glass perfectly illustrates how your need for a stiff drink gradually increases as the term comes to an end. It might not be the healthiest but it’s definitely a humorous way to deal with work stress. It would be a funny gift idea for a teacher friend too! It’s going in our teacher essentials list…

Find little reasons to laugh everyday, life is tough enough!

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