Teacher Holidays: 6 Truths That Only a Teacher Will Understand

We all love a good holiday and teachers, more than most, know how it feels to truly count down to a good, long break. Here are some things that go hand in hand with teacher holidays…

You Will Be Ill for the First Week, If Not Longer

Illness begins

You’ve been fighting it and delaying the inevitable – the instant you let your guard down and become acutely aware of the fact that you’re now on holiday? You’re hit with a cold for the ages. Headaches. Bedbound. Soup for every meal. Nasty, nasty stuff. Must be something to do with letting your body actually catch up…

By the End of the Week, You’ve No Idea What Day It Is

Teacher Holidays: confusion

Teaching is much more regimented compared to other jobs. Yes, you might turn up on a Monday and leave for the weekend on Friday, but every hour of every day is cast in iron for a teacher. Take that regimented structure away from a teacher during the holidays and that’s it. We couldn’t tell you if it’s Sunday, Wednesday or Christmas Day without a good reminder.

Work Taunts Us

Teacher Holidays: work taunts us

There’s always a biting reminder in the back of our mind that if we don’t get some planning done and some marking done, that it’ll all be there for us when we return after our teacher holidays. Work taunts us while we’re on holiday and it usually takes the form of a bag, trolley or suitcase full of stuff I should probably do but pretend isn’t there every time I go into the spare room.

Teacher Holidays Can Be Lonely

Teacher Holidays: loneliness

Now, I don’t mean to sound melodramatic about this but the holidays are long and potentially lonely if your kids are busy and your significant other doesn’t teach! You suddenly realise you have the freedom to text your mates during the day and you’re forced to wait several hours for a reply that simply states: is everything OK? I’m just at work at the moment. Sniff.

We Work Out How Many Days at School There Are before the Teacher Holidays Without Shame

Teacher holidays: counting down the days

Not satisfied with the current holiday, we begin working out how many school days we have left before the following holiday and begin to lament the fact that the next half term is particularly long and we wonder if we’ll actually make it that far at all.

… But We Can’t Wait to Go Back

Boredom sets in

And no this isn’t a soppy love-note to the best profession in the world (as lovely as teaching can be). This is because we’re bored of Netflix asking us if we’re still watching (yes, we are), we’re fed up of our friends not being around (how dare they?), we’ve almost forgotten what pre-9am looks like and we’ve started to consider that PJs aren’t acceptable day-wear.

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