Teacher Summer Holiday Bucket List

Teacher Summer Bucket List from Beyond

The year is wrapping up and many of us are dreaming of the summer holidays already. Although it may not seem like it now, slumping on the sofa while eating copious amounts of junk food eventually gets old. Yes, we need to rest and relax but we also need to fill our summer break with the small pleasures of life. Don’t underestimate the difference filling your day with fun experiences and activities can make to your wellbeing! We all need a teacher summer bucket list for inspiration!

Make your summer superb with Beyond’s Secondary Teacher Summer Holiday Bucket List. It’s free to download and includes 32 super fun activities that will make this summer one to remember. You can engage in nourishing experiences that rejuvenate your energy and improve your mood. The world has so much to offer so it’s only right that we enjoy it!

Beyond has made it so that you can print this list and stick it somewhere you can see it so you’ll have constant inspiration for different ways you can enjoy the summer break. You’ll never feel bored or stuck for what to do on your summer days. 

Teacher Summer Bucket List

Teacher Summer Bucket List
  1. Bake a cake
  2. Go on a solo trip
  3. Dance in the rain
  4. Go to the beach
  5. Have a wine and cheese party
  6. Sell some unwanted clothing
  7. Go on a picnic
  8. Book a staycation 
  9. Eat at a fancy restaurant
  10. Try a new recipe
  11. Attend a book club
  12. Go to a drive-in cinema
  13. Check out a farmers’ market
  14. Go to karaoke 
  15. Go to an open mic night
  16. Read a fictional book
  17. Go on an Uber boat ride
  18. Sightsee on a tourist bus
  19. Keep a gratitude journal
  20. Do some mindfulness colouring
  21. Go to a rooftop bar
  22. Go to an arcade
  23. Play on the swings
  24. Play a board game
  25. Treat someone to lunch
  26. Go for a walk in nature
  27. Buy yourself a present
  28. Go strawberry picking
  29. Visit a museum
  30. Visit a library
  31. Avoid doing school work for the whole of August
  32. Go to a bottomless brunch

Here’s to a fun-filled summer from Beyond!

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