3 Impressive New Skills To Add To Your CV After Teaching through a Pandemic

3 Impressive New Skills To Add To Your CV After Teaching through a Pandemic

The pandemic has taken us on quite a journey. Just when we thought teaching could not get harder, COVID-19 has other plans. After teaching through a pandemic, educators are now adapting to the uncertainty of teaching in ways they never could have ever predicted. Though the disruption of a global pandemic was not bookmarked in our diaries, all has not been lost. We have come out of this tumultuous year with a new outlook and a new set of impressive skills to add to our CVs. 

New CV-worthy, post-pandemic skills:

1. We are now experienced safety and sanitation officers

Teachers have had the honour of keeping their classrooms and students safe and sanitary. You’ll now find most teachers armed with masks, disinfectant wipes and an industrial-size bottle of hand sanitiser. We’ve now developed the ability to teach while wearing a mask and disinfect the teenagers and tables in our classrooms.

2. Adaptable as heck

In that past year and a half, teachers have had to learn new routines at record speed. We went from remote teaching, to part-time in-person teaching, to full-time socially distanced teaching, then back to remote teaching and now we’re in weird middle ground. We can’t forget the introduction of teacher assessed grades and remote parent evenings as well! This year has shown teachers are adaptable as heck.  

3. Tech proficiency

This pandemic has seriously upped our technological proficiency. We’ve been forced to learn how to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams and all the other homework and resources websites. We’ve mastered the art of using multiple forms of technology and we’ve had to teach our pupils (and our technology challenged colleagues) how to use it too! We now have different ways to teach, set work and communicate with parents and colleagues.

Teaching through a Pandemic

Luckily for us, these new skills make us very desirable to all types of employers. It’s been a tough year in education but at least we can say there’s a silver lining after teaching during a pandemic…

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