The Unicorn Teacher

ines-pimentel-564023-unsplash.jpgThey’re very rare and special. There won’t be more than one or two in a school. Sometimes there won’t be any at all. They hold distinctive and exceptional qualities that are breathtaking to behold, many want to emulate and few can achieve. They are the unicorn teachers and if you meet one, you should look after them very, very carefully.

Unicorn Teachers deliver in many ways like so many teachers: they work hard and go the extra mile for their students, being friendly, positive and genuinely interested. You’ll find them at extra-curricular clubs and meetings, being helpful to new staff and visitors, and happily sharing resources and ideas with their team. So what is it that gives the Unicorn Teacher that extra sparkle? Read below and see if you too are in the midst of a Unicorn Teacher in your school:

They Go Over and Above

Unicorn Teachers really get to know their students. They remember the small details that are important for each and every student, thoughtfully asking how a family member is or remembering an occasion that is special to that student, no matter how insignificant it might seem. But this isn’t a case of asking for the sake of it or to build relationships just to improve attention and attainment. This teacher genuinely cares and is interested in these things and they remember because they care.

They Are Unfailingly Optimistic

Unicorn Teachers are the ones who always see the bright side and they make people smile. If you’re having a bad day or had a troublesome class, this teacher will help you wipe yourself down and pick yourself back up. They’ll remind you that it’s only one lesson and that you can have a fresh start next time. If a new initiative is introduced, they will be the ones who will give it a go, even if others are sceptical, to give it a fair chance before feeding back constructively. These teachers are the ones to sit with in the staff room to make you days brighter and your mood lighter.

They Always Have Time

Unicorn Teachers are busy spreading their sparkles, but if you need to speak to them, they make you feel like they have all the time in the world to chat and help you. They give advice, compliments and tips happily leaving you walking away feeling happier and helped. If the Unicorn Teacher is more advanced in their career, far from becoming unapproachable, this teacher will mix well with everyone across the school and remains happy to talk to and help anyone with anything.

Their Lessons are Amazing!

Unicorn Teachers work hard to make their lessons useful and engaging for their students. This teacher won’t rely on bringing out the same resources and tweaking bits and pieces. This teacher will select topics based on their knowledge of students, they will create tasks that are unique and a bit different to engage their classes, and their unfailing optimism will make their classes enthusiastic or at least to believe in themselves a bit more.

Sometimes They Need Some Support Too

Unicorn Teachers can often be the people making others feel good, giving little compliments, cheering people up and spreading their optimism but sometimes they too need someone to check they are OK. Despite their sparkles, they may not be as confident as they seem and, after all, everyone needs some help and support now and again!

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