Teaching Assistant Day: The Unsung School Hero

Teaching Assistant Day: The Unsung School Hero

To mark Teaching Assistant Day this year, we’ve penned a few lines to share our thoughts on the unsung heroes of the classroom.

She always comes in smiling with a bounce within her walk;

She’s busy but she’s always sure she’s got the time to talk.

She copies worksheets, sorts them out, because I’m out of time,

And when I think a lesson’s bad she’ll reassure it’s fine.

He sits with kids who cannot write and never learnt to read;

He helps them to make sense of work and try til they succeed.

He tidies, sorts and photocopies, makes a great display;

He helps to tidy classrooms at the end of every day.

She laughs with students, shows them how to get revision done,

And when they’re having love-life qualms, she’s like another mum.

She coaxes, pushes, gives support and helps them reach the sky.

And when they’re stuck she always says to have another try.

She’s got my back when things are bad and lightens up the load

By taking on some extra – though she never gives a moan.

She hands me tea when I don’t think I’ll make it through the day

And when I vow I’m quitting then she knows just what to say.

He isn’t paid at lunchtime so to make a decent wage

He takes on playground duty: he can’t eat, but he gets paid.

And during the school hols you’ll find him serving in a bar;

While we relax he’s pulling pints – his wages don’t go far.

Their role is far more vast than any Job Description reads

They do far more than anyone acknowledges or sees.

But at the end of every day, we teachers know inside

We don’t just want – we NEED – our trusty TA by our side.

Do you have a favourite teaching assistant? Let us know in the comments below and happy Teaching Assistant Day, from Beyond.

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