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You’ve probably heard all about TikTok from your students and younger family members but might not be entirely sure what it is. TikTok is a social media app used to make and share short videos. It has a layout similar to Snapchat or Instagram’s feeds, where you can navigate through videos by scrolling up and down and like by double-tapping the screen.

‘Millennial’ to ‘boomer’ aged people might be thinking, that’s great and all, but isn’t this another one of those young-people things? What would make it appeal to me? That’s where the diversity of TikTok comes in. Anyone can be a TikTok video creator. We mean anyone. There are ‘TikTok famous’ babies and 80 year-olds! You can make videos from anywhere in the world, on topics ranging from saving money, fashion, parenting, sports and of course teaching! You get to curate your own ‘fyp’ (for you page) to suit your interests, so you’ll always be recommended videos you’ll enjoy. The best bit is that most of the content is either super informative, downright hilarious or both! It’s also incredibly addictive, so we are warning you now – you’ll be hooked (try not to ignore your family)!

Now that you know what TikTok is, you may be stumped on where to start. Beyond has created a list of our top five favourite teachers on TikTok to keep you laughing this summer. 

Monica Geldart

Monica Geldart may actually be the queen of teacher TikTok. She’s known for her teacher and student skits that just hit the nail on the head every time – this lady does not miss. She does a great job of portraying accurate school life in her skits and her facial expressions and intonation make them extremely funny to watch. Thousands of teachers and students unite in her comment section to share their experiences and have a laugh at each other and themselves. Monica Geldart is somehow able to play a teacher and a student perfectly. 

Kyron Hamilton

If Monica Geldart is the queen, Kyron Hamilton is most definitely the king of teachers on TikTok. Sitting on a whopping 1.1million (and counting) TikTok followers, his iconic jangling keys have featured in hundreds of hilarious teacher skits that feel way too real. From his staff room skits, to his impersonations of different subject teachers, you’ll look up, and hours of fun filled laughter would have passed by. His teacher mannerisms and sayings are spot on. You’ll be shocked how much you can relate to them. 

It’s Mr Moore

Mr Moore is a teacher from New Zealand who does more primary school teacher skits but they definitely relate to Year 7 students as well. Every secondary teacher knows the struggle of dealing with what seems like permanently confused, new Year 7s, and Mr Moore’s content explores that. He shares his funny experiences with the wild things students have said and done in his classroom, through his fictional student character, “Jack”. His videos truly embody the phrase ‘if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry”. 

Stage Door Johnny

If you’re in the mood to be marvelled by the madness of the English language, you’re going to fall in love with Stage Door Johnny’s videos. As a self-described ‘purveyor of nonsense’, his videos break down the uniqueness of English language in a way that leaves you in stitches. It will make you realise why our pupils have so many issues with spelling, plurals and homophones. 

Lucy Blanc

Lucy Blanc is a budding actress who was extra observant of her teachers at school; she knows us like the back of her hand! In her videos, she imitates teachers in different school scenarios to an alarmingly accurate degree. Her hilariously relatable videos will have you bursting into gales of laughter and thinking, ‘are we all the same person?’ 

Let us know if you check out any of these teachers on TikTok, we’re sure they’ll make your day.

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