Twinkl Secondary is Evolving

We’ve been on an exciting journey these last few months as we’ve sought to respond to customer feedback and adopt a more “grown-up” style.

You may have noticed that we’ve been experimenting with different ideas on our social media platforms and on our Debate resources; we’ve now reached the stage where we’re ready to go big with our plans and roll out our new look and attitude further on all of our new English, Maths and Science resources.

Going Beyond

We initially used the term “Beyond” for our off-site blog page. We felt it encapsulated what we were trying to do there, which was to establish an identity that resonated with secondary teachers and educators away from the traditional Twinkl associations with primary school learners. “Beyond” speaks of going onto the next stage of education, as well as what we perceive as the aim of educators, which is to enrich pupils lives within and beyond a classroom setting. It also chimes with the Twinkl value, and the value of many teachers and students to “go above and beyond” in all walks of education. Thus going forwards we are re-naming the whole of the Twinkl Secondary product; so the Twinkl Secondary branding will slowly be disappearing from our webpages to be replaced with Beyond.

The Logo

Beyond Logo Colourpng.png

Since November we’ve been running with a stacked-book logo on the Beyond blog site and on our Debate resources. You may also have noticed it sneaking onto some of our social media posts. As time has gone on we have continued to develop an alternative logo for the whole Beyond product which will now be incorporated onto our webpages and in all of our new resources.

Design Update

One of the vital elements in the Twinkl puzzle is ensuring that all of our resources are designed to a professional standard, so that we’re not only able to offer tools for enabling your students to progress, we also want to be certain that they will look like they have been expertly made as you introduce activities in the classroom. Our previous design work met this criteria, but in response to customer feedback we have updated the style to include more photographs, less cartoon images of pupils working, and generally a more sophisticated look.

Blogging It

We’ve been astonished at the success of the Beyond blog since its inception at the end of October 2018, in 5 months we’ve had over 9000 views on our posts. The good news is that, for those people who love checking in here and interacting with our latest musings on secondary teaching, we’re going to keep on building on this.

We’d love to hear your practical feedback on these changes. Do the new resource templates meet your classroom requirements? Does the updated style resonate with your pupils? Any comments are welcome!

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