Very Very Nearly There: Fun Science Activities for Those Last Few Lessons


Content writer Becky Driver picks out some science resources that could tie you over until the final lesson of term ticks round.

Are you struggling for ideas for the next few days?

I’ve found a few resources to get you through the final days of term – make your lessons fun and engaging for the last few classroom hours. You’re nearly there! Below are some ideas for both KS3 and GCSE pupils.

Create some crystal Christmas trees using this science pack:

Make some Christmas snowflakes using this science pack:

Use a science crossword or a Christmas quiz as a starter or a plenary:

Encourage your pupils to think about new year resolutions, and help Santa achieve his own resolution by making a healthy eating plan and an exercise routine:

As a form tutor, that final day can be one of the most challenging of the term; use this quick quiz to engage your form:

And finally, are you planning a Christmas assembly? Use this fantastic assembly pack to help, or use it as a form time activity:

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