We want to help your pupils to revise!

We want to help your pupils to revise!

Ever wished that your pupils could access the information in our resources themselves at any time?

We’re really excited about a new idea that we’re going to be trialling and we wanted to tell you all about it.

Here at Beyond, we sit on a repository of thousands of incredible teaching and learning tools, all written by experienced secondary school teachers.

Up until this point we’ve only really shared this information and knowledge with other educators as part of our subscription service, but we’re keen to go beyond that and push out our wealth of expertise to your students as well.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

We intend to copy out the information that you find in our resources onto a text page on our Beyond blog. That blog is free to visit so this information will be available to anybody, you simply need to share the link with your pupils and they will be able to access the same webpage as you can. For example, we’re starting with Ozymandias from the AQA English Literature Power and Conflict poetry cluster. The text on the blog page is taken virtually word for word from the PowerPoint in our Ozymandias lesson pack. We haven’t carried tasks across from the resource (customers will still need a subscription for that but we’re confident that we offer fab value for money, even for a parent) but all of the raw facts are there.

Here’s two ideas for ways in which this can be used:

Revision – the good, old-fashioned kind.

You teach the lesson and then for homework ask pupils to go away and read through the information again. Maybe get them to respond to it in some way (i.e. write down 5 facts that they didn’t write down in class), or just impress upon your students the value of knowledge consolidation. The great thing is that you will know everything your students see will be what you’ve seen as you’ve prepared the lesson.


Tell pupils which topics are coming up and then direct them to the associated blog page on Beyond to look at for their homework. As above, you could ask them to do some fact collecting, but prior to the lesson taking place. Since you’ll be looking at the same information as you prepare for the lesson, you’ll be able to anticipate ideas and questions that may come up.

Can you help us to help you?

We don’t want to try and second guess what you’re teaching so we’d love to hear from you on which Beyond lesson packs or topics you’re working on. We’re not going to guarantee that we’ll meet all requests but we can try our best to make information available to your class and see where things go from there. If this proves popular we’ll keep on adding more.

The best way to request the information is to either leave a comment on any of our blog posts or send us a message on the Beyond Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TwinklSecondary/

We’d love to hear whether you find this useful, and see where the idea takes us!

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