Worried About Santa’s Diet?

Fiona Sutcliffe has written a resource to deal with a concern that many of us have shared.

Santa Claus

Christmas is getting nearer and I’m sure by now most people are feeling festive! Christmas is that time of year that I love, and like most people, it means spending time with family and friends, and eating and drinking a lot more than usual! I mean seriously, if you can’t eat chocolate for breakfast at Christmas, when can you?

So, it might seem odd that I am discussing a resource I made which looks at Father Christmas’ New Year’s resolution. His resolution for the New Year, like so many people at the start of January, is to eat more healthily and improve his lifestyle. This was a personal goal of my own last year, following the birth of my second child. I had gained a lot of weight in my pregnancies and knew it was important to get myself back to a healthy weight. I also wanted to be able to model a healthy lifestyle and good habits for my children as they grow up.

This lesson has important learning points for the students. Childhood obesity is always cropping up in the news and media and is becoming a big concern. This resource is a fantastic way to get across some ideas and understanding about healthy eating in a fun way. It gives students the opportunity to study the healthy eating pyramid and consider government guidelines and recommendations for diet.


– Nutrition and Digestion Lesson Pack

In the pack I’ve included a lesson presentation, teaching notes and differentiated resources. I’ve also provided ideas for stretching and challenging pupils, and of course I’ve linked the resource to the Key Stage 3 national curriculum topic: Nutrition and Digestion.

As always, your feedback is appreciated, and we love to know how our resources work out for you in your classrooms, so please let us know!

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