5 Things That Make The Summer Term the Best

It’s been a hard year. You’ve done parents evenings, extra-curricular activities, revision sessions, exam marking, twilight CPDs and school trips. Not to mention planning, marking and the lessons themselves. But now, the end is in sight. As you say goodbye to Easter and face the final term of the year, here are five reasons why the summer term really is the best.

It’s lighter for longer.

No more driving to school in the dark and coming home in the dark. In the summer term you can replenish your vitamin D levels and get a glimpse of the sun. And when everything is lighter and brighter, life can seem lighter and brighter, too!

You say goodbye to revision.

You’ve coached and coaxed them through the exam prep. You’ve marked countless essays, given scores of extra revision sessions and gone over the assessment objectives ‘til you’re blue in the face. Now is the time to let your students put all that prep to the test. Throw them out of the nest, and see if they can fly! (Figuratively, of course.)

You can start to really look forward to your summer holiday.

In the dark and dismal days of October, that trip to Spain seemed a million years away. But now, it’s so close you can almost taste it. This term, allow your mind to wander towards the beach. Picture those balmy days in the sun, with only a good book and a G&T to keep you company. Bliss!

You “click” with your classes.

high five.gif
Remember back in September, when you thought there was no way you could ever learn to love this cohort? When you’d take a deep breath before going into your classroom and confronting the little horrors? Well, now the blood, sweat and tears are paying off. Those little horrors are now your little darlings. You love each and every one of them. You know their idiosyncrasies, their foibles, and you feel comfortable in their company. You can’t believe that soon you will be saying goodbye!

Outside lessons.

Nothing gets a class excited like an outside lesson. The opportunity to take books onto the field and study in a different setting makes even the most reluctant learners perk up. So embrace the sunshine, make the most of the good weather, and lead your class out into the fresh air!

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